Saturday, February 4, 2012

Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 Palette Comparison!


         There has been a lot of raving on the urban decay naked palette, so they recently came out with a NAKED 2 palette, and its the next big thing. In this palette there are more matt colors then there are in the 1st NAKED palette. Some colors are actually similar though! Such as, Sidecar and YDK, Virgin and Bootycall, SMog and Snakebite, Hustle and Busted, and Creep and Blackout. With of course some differences. The only repeated color is half-baked, which if fine! If you were to pick one of the 2 palette's, that is a hard choice. More everyday color's are in the NAKED 2 palette. More darker colors are in the NAKED palette! If you would like me to review these on my channel please comment! The Brush in the NAKED 2 is AMAZING! The brush in the NAKED palette is actually good for concealer! The Naked palette comes with a primer potion, while the NAKED 2 only comes with a lip junkie. However, whichever one you get, you are going to want to get a primer potion! Whatever you feel id fine (: